The “Grand-daddy” Equation

Want to know the secret equation for success in VCE Mathematical Methods?

Do the words “Sketch the graph” fill you with dread?

Most students hate being asked to draw graphs and often try to skip over these questions in their textbooks, but sketching graphs really doesn’t have to be hard. There is ONE equation that, if learned, can make sketching almost any graph easy.

“Yeah, right! One equation? Pull the other one!”

No, seriously, there is ONE equation that links the behaviours of almost all graphs together. Power functions, Logarithmic and Exponential functions, Circular functions and many more all follow this one equation.

“If this equation is so useful, why don’t they teach it in school?”

Well they’re supposed to — sort of. If you study VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4, you’ll find it in the VCAA Study Design, but it barely gets a mention in most textbooks.

“So, what is this secret equation?”

This ONE equation is what I like to call the “Grand-daddy” equation because it basically summarises every function’s behaviours.

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