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During my studies and my work in higher education, I have read and reviewed numerous research papers. In addition, I have, of course, been subject to and participated in the peer-review process, including as the co-editor for a set of conference proceedings. Some of the research papers I have reviewed have been outstanding and insightful, others have been mediocre and some have been downright awful. Some of these papers have inspired my own work, either through new ideas or simply because I didn’t agree with their interpretations or conclusions.

In working with these research papers, I would often annotate them, write small critiques as notes in my reference management software (JabRef, Mendeley or EndNote) and later try to put these critiques together into a research article or thesis chapter. Many of these critiques, however, end up unused for a published article either because of restrictions on the article’s length or because the planned article is shelved while other research/teaching work goes on.

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Reviewed Research Papers:

The following reference list, sorted by first author surname, will give you an idea of some of the articles I have reviewed. Clicking the link in the article’s title will take you to a page with my critique. Where possible, a link to the publisher’s source page is provided at the end of the review, along with citations.

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