Clare (Science @ Monash)

Thanks for the extra time and effort you put in through the semester. Take care & best of luck for next semester.

Jo (Physiotherapy @ RMIT)

Thank you very much for all your assistance during semester 1 for statistics. Without your help, I would have had great difficulty with the subject. You helped me achieve a mark that I would not have believed possible. Thank you once again.

Melissa (Psychology @ RMIT)

Thank you for all the help you are giving me today & have given me over the years.
You’re a great lecturer and I really appreciate everything you’ve done.

Sahar (Science @ Monash)

Just wanted to say:
Thank You!
for being such a great tutor. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Hao (Master of Business (Logistics Management) @ RMIT)

It is not easy to describe how you changed my mindset about mathematics, but one things is pretty clear to me that I enjoyed our class very much!
As the course draws to a close I can emphatically say that I just started to notice the beauty of mathematics for the first time in my life!
Thank you thousands, you’re the best!

MATH1279 Class – S1, 2011 (Psychology @ RMIT)

Thank you for teaching our rowdy class. You have taught us well and you are the amazingest, bestest teacher in the whole entire, huge, humongous world! We appreciate you giving us statistical love. We all love you

Stephen (Bus. Law @ La Trobe)

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending the time to teach me in a way that made sense and most of all for showing me how to appreciate the field of statistics, leading a student like me with a long time weakness in math to pass

Kellie (Education @ Vic. Uni.)

THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously couldn’t have passed without the help of tutoring. I am forever grateful for the help I have received. You kinda learn to like maths after a while…but shhh no telling. THANKS

Kristina (Psychology @ RMIT)

Love opening a stats study guide for a second year subject just to find all of the things I learnt back in first year. If I’ve learnt anything it’s that Matthew Ovens is a fantastic teacher 🙂

Adi (Psychology @ RMIT)

I was never a math or a stats person. I had to go through 3 years of stats for my applied science psychology degree and it was difficult and hard at first. @YourStatsGuru helped me to go through these difficult times and I managed to get a Distinction for my final thesis! Thank you Matthew Ovens

Liv (Masters of Psychology @ Monash)

Hi Matt – I just wanted to say thank you sooo much for all your patience and willingness to go beyond simply teaching but rather ensuring I understood all the stats for my thesis. Thank you

Vivien (Masters of Psychology @ Monash)

Hey Matthew, Once again thank you so much for taking the time to read my thesis and for your feedback. I have just made the changes you suggested!

I can’t thank you enough for all of you’re help, support, advice and encouragement over this entire year! You have been amazing! I will definitely let you know how I go!!!