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Here at YourStatsGuru we provide a number of
services for Secondary students:


  • After school Face to face tutorial sessions (1-on-1 or group sessions)
  • Online support (via Skype, FaceTime and email)
  • Exam preparation sessions
  • Assignment support (e.g. proof-reading)

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Myth #1: Maths is hard – FALSE

Nearly everyone at some point says it, “Maths is hard!”, and yet it doesn’t have to be. Learn the secrets of success in mathematics, practice thinking like a mathematician and what you are doing at high school becomes quite a lot easier.

Myth #2: Maths at school is boring – SOMEWHAT  TRUE

Mathematics, as it is taught in high-school, IS boring; nothing more than a set of boring, repetitive exercises out of a textbook. BUT, what is being taught in high-school is nothing more than the mechanics of mathematics. The real power and beauty of mathematics is missing, as are the stories of heroism (and incredible stupidity) that are behind some of the greatest discoveries.

Myth #3: You only need maths to be a maths teacher – FALSE

Most disciplines, especially the sciences, require mathematics and/or statistics. Psychologists need to be able to read the Diagnostic Statistics Manual (DSM) in order to diagnose their clients. Lawyers need to understand how to argue using statistics. Engineers need to use calculus and trigonometry to determine the best way to design everything from vacuum cleaners to bridges, aeroplanes and skyscrapers. Even writers, photographers, musicians and other artists need maths to understand what makes pleasant patterns and what will set their audiences on edge so they can achieve the desired effect.

Myth #4: Most high-school maths is useless in real life – SOMEWHAT  TRUE

Most of the mathematics taught in high-school isn’t needed in everyday life. For example, buying fast-food at your favourite outlet doesn’t need require anything more than simple additions and subtractions. What you might not be aware of though, is that tasks like driving a car involve our brains using calculus to figure out things like when to brake, how fast to accelerate, what speed can we safely make the turn at and even when to start turning. We even use the mathematics of networks and matrices to find our way from point A to point B. Of course, we don’t do it on paper or with a calculator, but we still use this math.

Fact #1: You can succeed at any high-school maths

Success with mathematics doesn’t require you to be born with certain genes. Anyone can succeed, with a little hard work and the right guidance.


Last updated: 19 January 2018