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Looking for a tutor for yourself or your child?

Finding a reputable tutor can be a hard task!
First you need to find someone who knows the subject well and preferably has teaching experience of that subject.
Next you want to make sure that they have appropriate qualifications and registrations (e.g. Working With Children Check).
Preferably, you’d also like someone who belongs to the Australian Tutoring Association so you know they follow an appropriate Code of Conduct.
Ideally, they will also be recognised as an Accredited Tutor, so you know that they truly know the subject well.

Want someone who will tailor sessions to suit your needs?

Not everyone learns in the same way and sometimes the textbook or classroom teacher’s examples are just not clear enough for you to fully grasp the concept. That’s when you really want someone who can explain the concept to you in multiple different ways, tailoring their explanations in terms of things you already understand, instead of just reading from a script.

Here at YourStatsGuru we take the approach that if you, "don’t get it", we need to try again in a different way until it clicks and works for you.

Want more than just someone who gives you the answers?

Knowing the answer is good, but knowing why it is the correct answer is the key to real learning. During exams there is no "back of book" or "phone a friend" so having someone just tell you the answers isn’t really preparing you for those exams. Equally, knowing how to get the answer means that new problems are less challenging.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you want the StatsGuru®!!

Places are available for students doing Year 10 mathematics or higher (TAFE and university level students, please contact us directly). Simply fill in your details below and we’ll get in touch to arrange sessions for you.

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For more details about the services we provide and the costs involved, please click here (opens in new window).

Last updated: 17 November 2019