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Ask the StatsGuru®

The StatsGuru ® - a multi-award winning teacher and tutor

Mathematics and statistics are everywhere. True skill and mastery of maths and/or stats can be the difference between landing your dream job or causing a global financial crisis.

As a multi-award winning teacher with more than fifteen years experience in teaching maths and stats to university and high school students, the StatsGuru® can help you achieve such mastery.


Why use the StatsGuru® as your guide and tutor?

  • Student focused explanations and examples
  • An expert’s insights into techniques and topics used in:
    • High-school Maths (e.g. Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods)
    • University level Maths & Stats
    • Scientific Research
  • Personalised instruction
  • ‘Outside the square’ approach to teaching


The StatsGuru ® - a multi-award winning teacher and tutor

Our goal at YourStatsGuru is to help you discover the true power and beauty of mathematics and statistics. Maths and stats are not simply a set of boring repetitive exercises in a textbook, rather they are the very language that helps to describe our world and help us to predict the future. Without maths and stats, we would have no way to measure temperature and therefore no way to identify if it is getting warmer or colder. Without maths and stats, you wouldn’t be reading this webpage either as there would be no way to reliably generate electricity or produce electronic devices.

Understanding and mastering maths and stats, like any language, is not an overnight process, rather it is a journey. Like any journey, there are times when you desperately need a guide to find the path while at other times the path is clear. Take the StatsGuru® as your guide and along the journey you will hear stories from the development of maths and stats; stories of danger, heroism, intrigue, success and some monumental goofs.


Why study Maths or Stats?

Well aside from the fact that we all use maths and stats in our everyday lives and have done so as a species since our cave-dwelling days, knowing more about mathematics and/or statistics can help you:

  • Make better choices, particularly when buying products or services
  • Open up many more career and further study opportunities
  • Understand sports better (yes, even soccer players use trigonometry and calculus)
  • Identify how marketing, advertising and even store layouts are used to try and influence your purchasing
  • Recognise how mathematics and statistics are used everyday in many different ways (even bees use mathematics to communicate with each other)

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Archived: 22 November 2021